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Dots & Lines Interactive Flipbook

Dots & Lines is an interactive Flipbook Edition based on the classic puzzle game ‘Connect the Dots’. The Edition includes two volumes, each containing 6 different animations of numbered dots.

The first volume, Dots, contains 6 different dot-to-dot puzzles created by renowned international animators, while the second volume, Lines, features 6 puzzle sequences based on mind-boggling optical illusions.

To find out what the individual sequences represent, you must first connect the dots page by page and then – flip it!

The edition incorporates a surprising “magic trick” which lets you switch between 6 different sequences, according to the position of your thumb.

Each side of the flip book contains 3 different sequences. Thanks to our exclusive paper cutting technique, you can switch between them by placing your thumb at the upper, middle and lower edge on both sides of the flip book.

Once you have connected all the dots in one sequence, all you have to do is flip it to discover what was hidden behind the puzzles. After that, you can even grab your favorite coloring pens and color the animations, so in fact you have a dot-to-dot flip book and a coloring flip book, all in one!

Technical Specs:

Weight: 346 gr

Size:12 x 7 x 4,5 cm / 4,7 x 2,7 x 1,7 in

Pages: 432 total (216 per flipbook)

Paper: Arcoprint 170 gr

FSC® certified and made with ECF pulp.

ISBN: 978-84-947489-7-4

By Flipboku
Flipboku is an independent publishing house based on the island of Mallorca (Spain), specializing in interactive and traditional flip books, the brainchild of designer-animator-filmmaker Jossie Malis and film music composer Julie Reier.

Their goal is to play and reinvent within the limits of the thumb-powered pocket cinema, creating unique and mind-blowing flip books for all ages!

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