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Silver-plated Dress form Stud Earrings inspired by items in the Academy Museum's permanent collection. 
For pierced ears
A dress form is a three-dimensional model of the torso used for fitting clothing that is being designed or sewed. When making a piece of clothing, it can be put on the dress form so one can see the fit and drape of the garment as it would appear on a body, and make adjustments or alterations. Dress forms come in all sizes and shapes for almost every article of clothing that can be made. Dress forms in the standard clothing sizes are used to make patterns, while adjustable dress forms allow garments to be tailored to fit a specific individual.  The dress form is a staple tool in every Hollywood wardrobe designers studio.  

This is often colloquially referred to as a Judy for the female form and a James for the male
  • material: SILVER PLATED
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