Price: $27.00
Museum Member Price: $24.30

Academy Museum Store Exclusive Travel sized candle set of 3 scented handpoured soy candles.

Rated PG set of 3 candles each inspired by your favorite foreign film, period film and musical.

Included scents are Blue Saddle Shoe, La Famiglia, and Powdered Cheeks travel size candles each are 2oz and has a burn time of approximately 15 hours. 

Film-themed scents designed by Flores Lane exclusively for the Academy Museum Store.  Each candle is made with natural oils and resins blended into vegan soy wax. The vessels are glass jars that were fished from the ocean and remelted, making them 100% recycled.

Take a deep breath in, what do you smell around you? Do you know what scents move you? At Flores Lane, we are believers in the effects of aromatherapy because… it’s dope. Studies have shown that inhaling scents has an immediate effect on brain activity because scents breach the blood-brain barrier (a protective membrane) giving access to centers of the brain that other medicines cannot reach. For example, scent reaches the limbic system, the brain’s emotional control center that influences our impulses, hormones, appetite, and memory. Curate your surroundings. We do not get to choose our trauma or pain, so let’s choose our comfort. Each candle is made with natural oils and resins blended into vegan soy wax. Our glass jars are fished from the ocean and remelted into our vessels making them 100% recycled. Burn and be well, it makes perfect scents.


Made in Los Angeles

  • material: SOY WAX
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