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About the piece:
'Mind of a Clown' - Inspired by the Oscar-nominated film JOKER, written by Todd Phillips and Scott Silver - this abstract painting uses various strokes of acrylic paint to explore the mental state of the character of Arthur/Joker at a crucial moment in the screenplay.

About scriptART:
scriptART is a multimedia collection that takes the written words from scripts and transforms them into works of art. The goal is to celebrate the narrative through different mediums of art to elevate a feeling, character, tone or moment in the story. scriptART advances artistic innovation to develop contemporary art and visual art experiences inspired by screenplays.

About Timothy Mendonça:
Timothy Mendonça has been involved in the entertainment industry since he was just fifteen years-old, he is the founder and visual artist behind scriptART. scriptART is a new boutique art and entertainment firm creating contemporary art and experiences, inspired by screenplays. He creates abstract work which uses mediums such as Metals, 3D Printing, Plexiglass, Resin, Acrylics, Oils and more.

His production credits include "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel", “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, “Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile”, “The Son”, "Moonrise Kingdom" as well as others. He’s a member of the Producers Guild of America and the Television Academy.

Before moving to New York, Mendonça was previously involved with newportFILM, a non-profit documentary festival in his hometown of Newport, Rhode Island and he created a youth film jury program at The Rhode Island Intl. Film Festival.

With a lifelong passion for film and art the idea for scriptART originated in a high school art class. Mendonça went on to graduate from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in Film/Media. Mendonça currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. 
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