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Molecularis Coloring Flip Book by Flipboku

You are into coloring but don't want to use the usual flat paper? Then Molecularis is a great fit. First, color each page of the flip book with your favorite coloring technique and then flip the pages and watch the animations come to life.

It’s like creating an animated GIF but on paper

Every single Molecularis is largely hand-produced and the whole process requires a number of steps that rely on careful supervision. Molecularis flip book is printed on high quality eco-friendly recycled paper by Fedrigoni, thick enough to prevent any type of ink or watercolour from transferring onto the following pages.

Choose your favorite coloring technique!
You can use it in plenty of ways, by coloring, redrawing and varying its content with an infinite number of variations. Use pencils, markers, watercolors, graphite, brushes, technical pens or whatever technique you prefer. The possibilities are endless!

And as each sequence is an animated loop, after coloring it you can take pictures to create and share an amazing and endless animated GIF of your own creation.

The Molecularis flip book is a unique challenge for all ages!

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