Stylized to resemble the brass machines of the early industrial age, these Momentoscopes were originally designed for a museum installation for permanent display.
We found that the brass machines functioned perfectly inside a glass cloche,  and they resembled a ticker-tape machine or some obscure laboratory equipment, so we named the new-old contraption the “Momentoscope“.
Pressing the polished brass push-button on the base activates a battery-powered gear motor that brings the image-moment to life.
An electronic timer limits the moving-image show to about 15 seconds per button-push.
Each unit is plated & numbered.
Each piece is hand-built at Mechanical Flipbook Studio in Ithaca, New York.
It should also be noted that the brass plates that form these devices are etched in small batches, so Momentoscopes are not always readily available for purchase. 

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