Price: $12.00
Museum Member Price: $10.80

The Film Production Sticker Pack comes with 7 stickers you can stick literally anywhere!

2" Timecode Slate (iridescent foil)
3" Microphone (metallic foil)
3" C-Stand (metallic foil)
2" 4K HMI Light
2" 35mm Lens
2.75" Cine Camera
2" 6ft Stinger
The Film Pin Society was started in 2018, inspired by the relationships and camaraderie felt on and off set. The foundation of the brand takes the tools that filmmakers and creators use everyday and elevates them into wearable badges of honor, reimagined into pins and accessories. FPS honors those who work tirelessly both behind and in front of the camera, or to those who simply appreciate the craft of storytelling. Everyone plays an equally important role in the art of storytelling and The Film Pin Society's products aim to spark a conversation to those who share that common love to create and tell stories. 
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