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The book is 9″x12″, hard cover, very high quality printing with high gloss spot varnish and embossed cover. Total of 144 pages, full color, storyboards, pictures, anecdotes and stories.

“From my decades in the motion picture business, with over 300 film and television projects behind me, I finally wrote a book about my title design work and film career.

When friends suggested it, I began thinking about it seriously. Then, I began visiting film and design schools with my Title Design Program. From the enthusiastic student audience receptions, I realized that it was time for a book, to give back to everyone who has appreciated my work.

I’ve been writing, rewriting and designing it ever since, collecting what I know and what I’ve done.

I’m very happy with it now and it’s ready to be shared with the world. The book is bound in hard cover with very high quality printing. At 10’x12’ and 144 pages, it is full of pictures and stories. It covers my early years and through to the present, looking at my 50+ years in the movie business.

With the included QRs, title sequences in the book can be easily viewed. Hope you like it.”

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